Lisa Nicole Cloud

Re-NEW Your Mind, Re-Define Your Goals, Re-Imagine Your Life. WEN’s mission and purpose is to create opputunity for women

CEO of Elite Marketing strategies and founder of Women’s Empowerment Network, is a women of passion, purpose and vision, She has greatly influenced the industry of direct Sale and Professional Networking in a positive way for more than 10 Years.

 Keynote Speakers

Judge Penny Reynolds Brown
Judge Penny Brown Reynolds an Emmy-nominated national television personality and commentator on issues of law, politics and religion, and on women and children's issues. On of America’s most inspiring and profound speakers of our day. Her no-nonsense approach is thoughtful, outspoken, transparent, and passionate. Her accomplishments are numerous and multifaceted. Judge Penny Brown Reynolds’ life work includes social justice advocacy, legal expert, entrepreneur, former jurist, mediator, and public theologian.
Erika Blair
Erika Blair is a Wife, Mother, Finance Professor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Investor/Trader and Investment Coach. She believes that her purpose is to help decrease the “wealth gap” and “economic inequality” by sharing wealth strategies that are usually reserved for the privileged. She is the Founder &
CEO of a non-profit named Young WallStreet Traders, Inc. (YWT). Since 2015, YWT has reached high school students in Atlanta, Memphis, and New York through its intensive summer boot camp.
Chimi Boyd-Keyes
Chimi’s mission is to help people realize their highest potential by connecting to their Purpose. As a successful entrepreneur and much sought after consultant, speaker, trainer and grant writer, she is passionate about creating programs and initiatives that develop leaders and promote an equitable, inclusive environment. As a seasoned Higher Education professional for 18 years, Chimi has worked extensively on women’s and gender issues and topics relating to other marginalized populations. She has directed two university Women’s Centers, one at a historically black university (HBCU) and one at a predominantly white university (PWI). She also was at the helm of a volunteerism/social justice organization, and has led a program designed to help at-risk youth pursue higher education.
Lethia Owens
Lethia Owens is known for her unparalleled ability to help businesses and professionals brand their brilliance and dominate their market. She is a best-selling author, Tech CEO, branding expert and market domination strategist who is ranked #8 among the top 30 brand gurus in the world. (It’s no joke – look it up). Having once been a high school dropout, Lethia knows what it takes to be a game changer. She’s a little geeky, magnetically motivating and oozing with brilliant business strategies that challenge you to get in the game because game changers, not spectators win championships. She is the founder of Game Changers International LLC, and the author of Your Brand Influence: The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand. Her message of reinvention, courage and self-empowerment has inspired audiences around the globe including Europe, UAE Dubai, Australia and Canada. She has appeared as a guest expert on Fox, CBS and NBC affiliate networks.
Marshawn Evans
Marshawn Evans Daniels is a reinvention strategist and life coach mentoring women around the world to live bolder in the areas of faith and business. As a serial entrepreneur, TV personality, creator of the Godfidence® movement and founder of SHE Profits® , she helps women turn ideas into income and faith into action. A former sports attorney, Miss America finalist, and competitor on The Apprentice, she left a high-powered law firm and turned her passion for people into a multimillion-dollar enterprise. Appearing regularly on CNN, Fox Business, and ESPN, her clients range from Rolls Royce, HP, Nike, Home Depot, and Ernst & Young to everyday dreamers seeking to find their voice and maximize their potential. Named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year by the Atlanta Business League, she is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center and is admitted to practice before the Supreme Court. She is also a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, a Harry S. Truman scholar, and a former US Ambassador to the International Summit of Achievement in Dublin, Ireland. Marshawn is passionate about purpose, futurist thinking, manifestation, entrepreneurship, and traveling the globe. Join the #BelieveBigger movement at
Dee Thompson
Dee is Chief Executive Manager of Dee Thompson, LLC & Purpose Never Dies, LLC., a Motivational Inspirational Empowerment Company where she trains, teaches, and coaches individuals to pursue their God-given gifts & talents as their profession, by utilizing their innate gifts, talents, and skill-sets. Dee is a highly sought after Professional Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Author, Certified Transformational Life & Relationship Coach trained by world-renowned Mr. Les Brown. Dee is a 2016 “President Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award” recipient, who’s company Sponsored and Hosted the 2017 Barack Obama Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony honoring 31 individuals.
George Lytle
I am a nurse by trade and entrepreneur by spirit. I thoroughly enjoy helping others! As an entrepreneur, I am involved in direct sales, speaking, performing, song writing, and event coordinator. I also enjoy writing poems and I love to joke around because I believe that laughter is good medicine the doctor can’t charge you for! I have a Youtube channel entitled “PEPTalk” which stands for passionately empowering people! Like Abraham Lincoln said “all that I am and ever hope to be I owe to my mother”. My desire to help others, is a character trait past along to me by my mother. It doesn’t matter if it’s her last dime or the last minute of her time, if she can help someone else it’s worth the sacrifice! She is the reason I am who I am today! Growing up my mom always told me, “shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll land among the stars” which was an echo in the back of my mind when I was pursuing my basketball dreams and co-managing a studio and rap group early in life. After growing up a little bit, I went back to school to become a licensed nurse in 2006 and married my beautiful wife in 2009, with whom we have 4 children, two of which are grown and two of which are still at home. It is a God given privilege to be a husband to my wife and a father to my children. The time I spend with family my is “priceless”! I believe a real man/woman of integrity who understands the power of purpose, leaves a legacy to take care of his/her family for generations to come! Therefore, it is my duty to passionately empower people to live for today but plan for tomorrow!

 Share Your Story Speakers

Paula Campbell
Paula Thornton-Campbell a native of Durham, NC is a woman of accomplishment. She holds an associates degree in science, she is a successful realtor frequently earning awards as top sales agent of multi-million dollar sales. She is a writer, with poetry published in the Library of Congress. An entrepreneur, she created Whatsoever Shirts, an inspirational t-shirt line. She is founder of ``The Couture Woman(Ephesians 6:10-20) a women's empowerment ministry. Her strength, and faith is profound as these were accomplished while battling clinical depression.
Winona Judon
Winona Judon is a Motivational Speaker who stirs the very heart and soul of attendees. With uplifting and enlightened oratory that is grounded in 27 years of personal development experience, spirituality and brain research, she teaches and inspires audiences to tap into their ultimate GREATNESS. Winona Judon is the founder of Women Rising Strong Worldwide, co-founder, New York Chapter of The Lotus Project, Founding member of The Work of Women New York Chapter. She is the author of the book entitled Break Free: A Millennial Women's Guide to Getting What She Really Wants and is the former Mrs. Staten Island America (2005), Mrs. Staten Island United States (2006) and Mrs. New York Globe (2007). Winona Judon has certifications in Manifesting Your True Value, Master Life Class, Neuroscience and Education, Brain Health and Education and holds an MBA from Phoenix School of Advanced Studies and Bachelor's of Music Education from Lincoln University, MO.
Brenda Blanchard-Kooser
As a former performer for companies such as Walt Disney World, Busch Gardens, Royal Caribbean and the USO and current corporate executive, Brenda is a highly sought-after speaker and performer who brings a unique perspective to the challenges of life and work as well as an entertainment component that is unlike any other. Based on personal experience she focuses on how people can go from stuck to sparkly and the wonderful ripple effect that can have on their lives as well as those around them. From the stage, Brenda delivers a compelling message by combining humor, vulnerability and a gift for storytelling that creates an experience that makes her audiences want to take immediate, actionable steps. Brenda educates, inspires and entertains all at once. She doesn’t just speak, she puts on a show and leaves a lasting impression.
Lilene French
My name is Lilene French, and I am the CEO & Founder of Reflections of a Queen, LLC. I am a professional certified life coach and my credential is legally recognized nationally. I am finishing up my second degree as a Forbes School of Business & Technology student. I currently work in the education sector as a student coordinator at a local university in the San Diego area.
Renata Spinks
Renata C. Spinks is the Bosslady of Cyber™ ; not only recognized for her technical expertise but also her ability to motivate and ignite audiences through her authenticity and unique perspectives of the importance of ``Owning Who and Whose You Are``. Ms. Spinks is the founder of Rising Footsteps and has spent the last 3 years growing two major programs: STEAM2.0 (Science, Technology, Engineering, ATHLETICS, and Mathematics) where she exposes under served community athletes to STEM academia and curricula; and the second program ``Lady Bosses In Action`` where she provides coaching and leadership in professional, spiritual and ``life`` journeys. She is sought out for her success in engaging audiences in sensitive and often controversial but necessary discussion on femininity, gender and generational bias and ways spirituality provides balance in one's life. Ms. Spinks is also the CEO of Resilient Cyber Services, Inc. and recently served as a Senior Executive Cybersecurity Manager for the US Treasury. She is a sought out industry expert in cyber security operations, risk assessment and executive leadership. She volunteers her time supporting women who are victims of domestic violence and organizations focused on ending child exploitation and human trafficking. Ms. Spinks holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from St. Augustine's University in Raleigh, NC, a Master of Science in Technology Management for Florida Tech University and continues her academic pursuit through Advanced Learning curricula at Harvard University. She is a United States Army Veteran and an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.
De’Iona Monay
Her teachings are based on Bob Proctor’s Born Rich, and her delivery is second to
none. For the last five years, De’Iona has focused her entire agenda on helping other’s
create a life of abundance and spiritual awareness. De’Iona Monay is best known for
her simplicity and cutting right to the chase upon any message she delivers. She is also
very transparent. After graduating high school, she attended college but dropped out
after the second semester leaving a resume of dead end jobs and a future clouded in
debt. She went through many years of hardship and discouragement. However, she
reached a turning point in her life when she had a “spiritual awakening” in 2016 which
planted a seed of hope and determination in her mind. By studying the principles in Bob
Proctor’s Born Rich, in just months, De’Iona’s life spun completely around. Within four
months she purchased her dream vehicle and within a year she launched her very own
Credit Restoration company at the age of 26. De’Iona Monay now spends the majority
of her time inspiring and teaching other’s how to believe and act upon the greatness of
their own minds, while spreading credit awareness.
Larita Rice
Author. Entrepreneur. Life Coach. Pastor. Change Agent. Mentor. Mother. Friend. The embodiment of what it is to live a life poured out before God. Through her inspirational discourse, your way of thinking and speaking will be revolutionized. Ms. Larita S. Rice is the world renowned author of “Trapped in the System,” a book designed to reveal the tricks of the enemy and the tactics he uses to bring about our destruction. As a powerful agent of change, through the authority of God, she travels about, helping others discover their identities, compelling them to maximize their potential, and equipping them to use their God-given talents to the Glory of the Most High.
Kahlia Meeks
Kahlia Meeks has dedicated her life to positively changing the lives of others by offering motivation through positive reinforcements. As a previous healthcare clinician and global C-Level executive, she has impacted the lives of thousands with her positivity. Kahlia left corporate America in order to fulfill her life’s purpose and begin her legacy. She is a successful President and CEO, a motivational and keynote speaker, the founder of a non-profit organization, and an official member of her alumni association’s mentorship program. Kahlia commits her life to helping others by coaching the logical truths of life based upon wisdom and personal truths.

 Share Your Story Digital Facilitators

Raschelle Jackson
Raschelle Yvonne Jackson is an entrepreneur, author, and accountant who helps entrepreneurs identify, extract, their value, and vision to further grow their business. Prior to starting her company, Raschelle Yvonne Jackson Enterprises, her background was in Accounting/Finance, where she a holds a degree, as well as management. Raschelle offers products, workshops, and individual coaching to help entrepreneurs attain bottomline satisfaction with greater ease.
Elder Nicole Mason
Armed with a law degree and an entrepreneurial legacy, Nicole was destined to become a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of her own company. Having grown up immersed in her grandmother’s dry cleaning business, Nicole learned first hand what it takes to be successful as a business owner. She understands hard work, discipline and dedication.
Freya Sullivan Huffman
Freya Sullivan Huffman is a native of Waynesboro, Georgia, the Bird Dog Capital of the World! She attended school in Burke County, Georgia. She was active in sports and earned a basketball scholarship to Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina and is the former Miss Claflin University. She attended Clemson University as a graduate student and earned a Master of Business and Information Technology from Keller Graduate of Management. Freya completed the PhD coursework at Capella University focusing in Education with a concentration Training and Performance Improvement.

WEN Pink Carpet Host

Sandra Justice
Sandra Justice is a Multi-talented, actress, producer, and event host. With a charismatic and dynamic personality, Sandra’s stage presence is mesmerizing. It is no surprise that Sandra is a former Miss Haiti South Florida. From stage plays to films to television series and commercials, her love affair with the camera has been explosive.

WEN Fitness Expert

Elle Starr
Elle Starr is currently a certified fitness trainer at Ultimate Bodies by Carlos located in the heart of Atlanta, GA. She earned her certification through the American Sports and Fitness Association and now has over 8 years of experience with a diverse range of clients. Her personal approach to her clients has led to great success in guiding them to achieve their fitness goals. Elle has inspired and produced results for men and women of all ages and all walks of life. She encourages all of her clients to live by their personal motto, “YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.”

WEN Morning Hour of Power Speaker

Reyna Joy Banks
Reyna is a former Celebrity Dancer of 18 years, and now a full time Voiceover actress, choreographer, creative director, Artist Developer, host, Fitness model, Inspirational Motivational Speaker/Preacher of Gods word, Author, writer, television and radio personality. She has traveled all over and spoke to the hearts of children, youth, young adults and women to help birth them into their next level of life and living out their purpose and promise. Inspirational Motivational Speaking is her greatest passion and focus to help save another destiny, life and dream. She inspires people to die to their past and live in their new as the best version of them they didn’t even know they could be.

WEN Performer

Juanita Craft
Juanita Craft is a gospel singer, song writer, and recording artist. She is also a retired aerospace engineer, entrepreneur, professional network marketer, and single parent. Juanita is a pioneer for blacks in engineering, being one of the first black women to work for the Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratories, Delta Airlines, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Juanita was an early graduate of the Dual Degree Program, earning a Physics degree from Spelman College, and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech.