Lisa Nicole Cloud

Re-NEW Your Mind, Re-Define Your Goals, Re-Imagine Your Life. WEN’s mission and purpose is to create opputunity for women

CEO of Elite Marketing strategies and founder of Women’s Empowerment Network, is a women of passion, purpose and vision, She has greatly influenced the industry of direct Sale and Professional Networking in a positive way for more than 10 Years.

 Keynote Speakers

Chimi Boyd-Keyes
Chimi’s mission is to help people realize their highest potential by connecting to their Purpose. As a successful entrepreneur and much sought after consultant, speaker, trainer and grant writer, she is passionate about creating programs and initiatives that develop leaders and promote an equitable, inclusive environment. As a seasoned Higher Education professional for 18 years, Chimi has worked extensively on women’s and gender issues and topics relating to other marginalized populations. She has directed two university Women’s Centers, one at a historically black university (HBCU) and one at a predominantly white university (PWI). She also was at the helm of a volunteerism/social justice organization, and has led a program designed to help at-risk youth pursue higher education.
Lethia Owens
Lethia Owens is known for her unparalleled ability to help businesses and professionals brand their brilliance and dominate their market. She is a best-selling author, Tech CEO, branding expert and market domination strategist who is ranked #8 among the top 30 brand gurus in the world. (It’s no joke – look it up). Having once been a high school dropout, Lethia knows what it takes to be a game changer. She’s a little geeky, magnetically motivating and oozing with brilliant business strategies that challenge you to get in the game because game changers, not spectators win championships. She is the founder of Game Changers International LLC, and the author of Your Brand Influence: The Art and Science of Building an Influential Personal Brand. Her message of reinvention, courage and self-empowerment has inspired audiences around the globe including Europe, UAE Dubai, Australia and Canada. She has appeared as a guest expert on Fox, CBS and NBC affiliate networks.

 Share Your Story Speakers

Paula Campbell
Paula Thornton-Campbell a native of Durham, NC is a woman of accomplishment. She holds an associates degree in science, she is a successful realtor frequently earning awards as top sales agent of multi-million dollar sales. She is a writer, with poetry published in the Library of Congress. An entrepreneur, she created Whatsoever Shirts, an inspirational t-shirt line. She is founder of ``The Couture Woman(Ephesians 6:10-20) a women's empowerment ministry. Her strength, and faith is profound as these were accomplished while battling clinical depression.
Lilene French
My name is Lilene French, and I am the CEO & Founder of Reflections of a Queen, LLC. I am a professional certified life coach and my credential is legally recognized nationally. I am finishing up my second degree as a Forbes School of Business & Technology student. I currently work in the education sector as a student coordinator at a local university in the San Diego area.
Winona Judon
Winona Judon is a Motivational Speaker who stirs the very heart and soul of attendees. With uplifting and enlightened oratory that is grounded in 27 years of personal development experience, spirituality and brain research, she teaches and inspires audiences to tap into their ultimate GREATNESS. Winona Judon is the founder of Women Rising Strong Worldwide, co-founder, New York Chapter of The Lotus Project, Founding member of The Work of Women New York Chapter. She is the author of the book entitled Break Free: A Millennial Women's Guide to Getting What She Really Wants and is the former Mrs. Staten Island America (2005), Mrs. Staten Island United States (2006) and Mrs. New York Globe (2007). Winona Judon has certifications in Manifesting Your True Value, Master Life Class, Neuroscience and Education, Brain Health and Education and holds an MBA from Phoenix School of Advanced Studies and Bachelor's of Music Education from Lincoln University, MO.
De’Iona Monay
Her teachings are based on Bob Proctor’s Born Rich, and her delivery is second to
none. For the last five years, De’Iona has focused her entire agenda on helping other’s
create a life of abundance and spiritual awareness. De’Iona Monay is best known for
her simplicity and cutting right to the chase upon any message she delivers. She is also
very transparent. After graduating high school, she attended college but dropped out
after the second semester leaving a resume of dead end jobs and a future clouded in
debt. She went through many years of hardship and discouragement. However, she
reached a turning point in her life when she had a “spiritual awakening” in 2016 which
planted a seed of hope and determination in her mind. By studying the principles in Bob
Proctor’s Born Rich, in just months, De’Iona’s life spun completely around. Within four
months she purchased her dream vehicle and within a year she launched her very own
Credit Restoration company at the age of 26. De’Iona Monay now spends the majority
of her time inspiring and teaching other’s how to believe and act upon the greatness of
their own minds, while spreading credit awareness.
Brit'tney Powell
Bio: Brit'tney Powell is the founder and CEO of Kay Couture inc., which now includes a clothing line, skincare line and cosmetic line. She saved her tax refund for two years and invested in starting her own business. She put her drive and vision to work to become the first African American woman sole proprietor on!
Renata Spinks
Renata C. Spinks is the Bosslady of Cyber™ ; not only recognized for her technical expertise but also her ability to motivate and ignite audiences through her authenticity and unique perspectives of the importance of ``Owning Who and Whose You Are``. Ms. Spinks is the founder of Rising Footsteps and has spent the last 3 years growing two major programs: STEAM2.0 (Science, Technology, Engineering, ATHLETICS, and Mathematics) where she exposes under served community athletes to STEM academia and curricula; and the second program ``Lady Bosses In Action`` where she provides coaching and leadership in professional, spiritual and ``life`` journeys. She is sought out for her success in engaging audiences in sensitive and often controversial but necessary discussion on femininity, gender and generational bias and ways spirituality provides balance in one's life. Ms. Spinks is also the CEO of Resilient Cyber Services, Inc. and recently served as a Senior Executive Cybersecurity Manager for the US Treasury. She is a sought out industry expert in cyber security operations, risk assessment and executive leadership. She volunteers her time supporting women who are victims of domestic violence and organizations focused on ending child exploitation and human trafficking. Ms. Spinks holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems from St. Augustine's University in Raleigh, NC, a Master of Science in Technology Management for Florida Tech University and continues her academic pursuit through Advanced Learning curricula at Harvard University. She is a United States Army Veteran and an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.